SJS Alumni Spotlight -Angel Veza

SJS Alumnus 1994-2003

Angel Veza

As a student, SJS Alumna Angel Veza considered the school to be a second home and second family.

“I truly enjoyed my time at SJS and look back on it fondly,” she said.

Today Angel, who lives in New York City, is involved in several ventures. She is business initiatives manager with ReFED (Rethink Food Waste through Economics and Data), a nonprofit solely dedicated to reducing food waste in the U.S. She also oversees procurement and purchasing at Manhatta Restaurant in New York City and is lead designer for a consulting firm, First Principle Group.

“My education at SJS helped me think critically and creatively and gave me a myriad of opportunities to explore my interests, all of which contributed to my successes,” Angel said. “I loved the wonderful relationships I built with my teachers and fellow classmates.”