Relocating to Ft. Knox

Saint James Catholic School welcomes military families as they relocate to the area to continue their service at Fort Knox.

As the only Catholic school in the area, Saint James continues a long tradition of Faith, Academic Excellence and Community. Our faith-based education is led by the Dominican Sisters, who are active within our school and parish community. SJS has made academic excellence a priority for over 150 years, and our students are held to a high standard of expectations to allow each of them to achieve personal and team-related success. Through our effort to educate the “whole” person, our students, parents and families grow in a community environment with the students at the center.

What you need to know about SJS when relocating:

  • Saint James educates a large number of children from military families in the area – Catholics and non-Catholics.
  • First private school in Kentucky named Purple Star School (November 2022)
  • The structure of an SJS education often compliments the structure of a military household.
  • Smaller class sizes allow more opportunity for individual students, even those who only spend up to three years at the school.
  • Saint James actively partners with Fort Knox to celebrate service to our country and recognize individuals for their service.
  • Saint James’ admission process can be easily incorporated into the schedule of any military family moving to the area. 
  • Saint James works hard to provide an easy, seamless transition for every student and family.

Military Resources

SJS strives to support our military-connected children with the resources needed to succeed.  Below is a list of links to easily contact organizations and services that may prove helpful during the transition as well as the time spent at SJS.

SJS Military Liaison:  Stephanie Gendron

If you would like to fill out an official inquiry and receive a return phone call or email, please click here.

If you would like to fill out an application, please click here.

Let us know how we can help you during this transition. Contact Jennifer Moran, Director of Mission Advancement, by email or phone at 270-765-7011 for assistance or more information.