SJS Alumni Spotlight – Elizabeth (Liz) Pawley

SJS Alumnus 1996-2005 

Liz Liz Pawley was raised in Cecilia, Ky., and attended kindergarten through 8th grade at Saint James Catholic School. She graduated high school in 2005, going on to attend the University of Kentucky, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Communication and Psychology. She continued her education at Florida State University, receiving her Master’s and Educational Specialist degrees in Career Counseling.  

“I am currently a career counselor at the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. I’ve worked in higher education for the past seven years and love teaching and advising college students,” said Liz. “One of my favorite parts of my job is the opportunity to be involved with diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on campus.”

Liz said Saint James Catholic School instilled a sense of discipline within her that drives her to succeed. 

“The academic workload was both challenging and rewarding and prepared me for achieving my college degrees. In addition to an advanced curriculum, SJS taught me to practice kindness, compassion, and empathy towards everyone. These tenants were incorporated in our daily lessons, and they help me each day to be the best counselor, colleague, friend, daughter, partner, and human I can be.” 

Saint James Catholic School builds strong relationships, and after nearly 20 years, some of Liz’s closest friends are her classmates from her time at SJS. 

In 8th grade, Liz was diagnosed with bone cancer. The entire school and parish came together to support her and her family. 

“There were fundraisers held, quilts knitted, care packages sent, meals delivered. My classmates took turns carrying my books when I was on crutches. My teachers worked hard to make it possible for me to transition easily to home learning. I was so humbled and still look back with gratitude. The generosity extended from my SJS family stays with me and inspires me to give to others going through tough times.”

“Although I can confirm I have not worn a blue or white polo shirt or khaki pants since, I have such fond memories of SJS and will always view it as a home.”