SJS Alumni Spotlight: Frankie Peak

Frankie Peak is a student at the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science, Kentucky’s first residential 2-year STEM program for gifted and talented juniors and seniors. Students attend on the campus of Western Kentucky University to finish high school while they start college.

Frankie Peak is and SJS alumni

Originally from Elizabethtown, Frankie attended St. James Catholic School from Kindergarten to eighth grade. Frankie plans to attend college and pursue a career in chemical engineering.  

“SJS helped me to be successful because it taught me a good work ethic. All throughout my time at SJS, every single one of my teachers really pushed me to work harder and better than I had before. My time at St. James was amazing, and I loved almost every second of it,” said Frankie.

To Frankie, Catholic education means teaching someone how to live a Catholic life. This includes the regular subjects, like English and Math, but it also includes Theology. Frankie says using what you learn through a Catholic education is one of the best things someone can teach you.

Frankie Peak is a student at the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science on WKU's campus

“While I cannot say that I have a favorite teacher, I can say that I have a favorite memory, or rather multiple ones. In the seventh grade, in Ms. McKeans history class, every Friday we would watch a 10-minute video from that week called CNN10. It was just news from the week, but Ms. McKean made every second of it an enjoyable experience to look forward to.”

Frankie remembers SJS as a place where people go to learn and grow stronger in their faith and closeness to God.

“SJS is a great place and I am extremely grateful for everything that it has taught me,” he said.