SJS Alumni Spotlight – Jeff Lanz

SJS Alumnus 1975-1977 

Jeff Lanz

Jeff Lanz, SJS alumni, said his education at the school gave him a strong inner belief in himself.

“I was amazed at how strong my education at SJS had been,” he said. “I felt much further along than the majority of the students in my classes.”

Lanz attended SJS for fifth and sixth grades, from 1975-77. He now works as manager of sales operations with Jack Henry & Associates (iPay); recently was instituted as an Acolyte with the Archdiocese of Louisville by Archbishop Kurtz; and serves as the Worship Chair for Saint James Parish.

“At SJS I made wonderful friends, had excellent teachers and learning experiences, and considerably strengthened my understanding and love for the Catholic faith,” Lanz said. “I will forever fondly remember my time there, and it has truly helped shape the individual I have become